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Velma from Scooby Doo by CosVickye (I miss watching cartoons as they used to)

My brother took a pic of my niece Birthday cakes, and didn't know it yet, but,at the same time take a picture of my existential crisis

"This is the real fuckin' ginny shit, give it to me!!!" An all time pizza review featuring a real deal Italian and pair of wet pants on a stick...

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Dave reviews the legendary Santillo's in Elizabeth, NJ. We speak to the old school, 3rd generation Italian pizza maker and he gives Dave a lesson on how to order pizza from his shop Download The One Bite App to see more and review your favorite pizza joints:

Nellie has a breakthrough on DMT | Drugslab

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This episode Nellie Benner smokes DMT (N,N- Dimethyltryptamine). After smoking Nellie ends up in all different worlds.   USE: Are you about to use DMT? Keep the following things in mind: -          Prepare yourself for using DMT. -          Make sure your u...

Robert Irwin feeding the same croc, in the same place as his father, Steve Irwin, 15 years later.


Miniature painting of a peaceful creek Artwork


My sister sent me a picture of my newborn niece for my birthday, since I haven't been able to meet her yet!


Stop playing the maracas, Dad!

Wholesome Steve Irwin

My 9 year old son had an only fans tab open. I braced myself. I clicked. I laughed.

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