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  • "Enter pawscode to gain access"

  • Me, immigrating to the U.S 3 days after 9/11. Liberty island.

  • Girl Selling Flowers, 1970s

  • King Kong exhibition at the Empire State Building

  • Miracle likes to hang out near her friend Ella whenever she can, and you can tell Ella is happy too from her happy tail wagging

  • I’m building my own house on evenings and weekends. Close to burnout a few times, but yesterday after I finished this window and looked at the view out the front garden, it kinda felt like everything is going to be okay. [Co. Cork, Ireland]

  • Mondays

  • Cat vs Baby Swing

  • How did you get in there???

  • Lion King in 2 minutes... Simba.

  • Oscar nomination

  • When she tells you she loves you... as a friend

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